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The Gear

No contemporary cooking website would be complete without a section dedicated to gadgets and gear! This section covers all the tools and equipment I use to cook awesome food anywhere – and how you can master them.

Gear posts will cover one of three categories:

  • My off-grid kitchen: Key gear
  • Reviews: Product reviews
  • The handbook: How to use the gear

My Off-grid Kitchen

In these posts, I share my preferred gear and it’s stories. Learn more about what’s out there, what it does and how to use it.


These are honest reviews based on my own experience using different gadgets and gear. I make two promises here:

  • I only review products that I actually use (or have used)
  • No superficial reviews. I judge products based on their intended purpose and how they work in given contexts.

The Handbook

These posts will help you get the most out of your gear. They offer clear and precise instructions for mastering off-grid equipment.

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