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The Basics Part 5 – Cold preparation

There are a lot of foods that don’t require cooking with heat – salads, sashimi, ceviche, raw food cakes, certain ice creams, etc. To prepare these foods we need to cool them down – both to ensure good hygiene practices and to give them the right texture.

Preparing foods by cooling them

The science of heat transfer also applies to food prepared by cooling, including ice cream, cheesecake, and jellied foods. Here, the heat transfer happens in reverse – we draw it out of the food and into something else. The transfer happens the same way (convection, conduction, and radiation).

We can put a warm dish outside during winter, in a cold cellar or in the refrigerator to set. We can stir a cream base while cooling it to make ice cream.

These dishes can sometimes be difficult to prepare when you’re off the grid, but they’re far from impossible. On this site we’ll explore some traditional and modern techniques for preparing these dishes safely.

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