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The Basics Part 4 – Solar cooking

Solar cooking is essentially cooking with light. Since light is a form of electromagnetic radiation (the kind we can see), our initial heat transfer happens almost exclusively through radiation.

This makes it possible to cook without any traditional fuel at all. All you need is the right gear and cooking method.

Baking a Neopolitan-style Pizza using a parabolic solar cooker and a specially designed carbon steel pan. Total bake time was 10 minutes.
No fuel, no electricity and no chemicals required.

Just like stoves and BBQs, equipment for solar cooking comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of quality. Some are better for slow-cooking and others are better for cooking hot and fast. Some require clear skies while others work just fine in cloudy weather.

Integrated cooking

Solar cooking can be combined with heat retention and a fuel-, electricity- or chemically based back-up cooking method. This type of combined cooking strategy can reduce your energy consumption by well over 80%, greatly improve your comfort level in hot weather and frees up a lot of the time you would otherwise spend cooking.

Combining a solar cooker and cooking thermos to cook rice with minimal supervision.
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