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Gourmet solar bread baking

On March 14th, we had excellent weather here in Sweden, so I put my Gosun Grill out on the balcony and baked some bread. If you want a result that’s more like what you get in a wood-fired or electric oven, you’ll need something that can soak up and distribute the heat. In an electric oven a baker would use a cloche, clay pot or a dutch oven to this effect. In a solar oven we can use a simple cast-iron terrine.

In this particular case, I didn’t use any specific measurements for the ingredients. I just combined sourdough starter, flour and water into a sticky dough and shaped it into a loaf. Ultimately it isn’t any harder than that.

There are lots of ways to make a sourdough starter:

  • Buy a dried or fresh sourdough starter
  • Get a starter from a friend or culture sharing network
  • Mix kefir or viili yoghurt with flour and wait 12-24 hours
  • Create your starter from scratch to catch wild yeast

Once you have a starter you can make all kinds of bread, baked goods and pancakes.

I’ll post more sourdough recipes soon!

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