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Episode 2: the PERFECT SOLAR steak

Can you cook a steak with the sun? Absolutely! Will it turn out well? That depends on your equipment and cooking method. With the right equipment and the right strategy, the steak will taste awesome!

Here are my top 3 tips for cooking steak in a small-to-medium size parabolic solar cooker:

  1. Use a solar cooker with a deep parabola, not a shallow one
  2. Use a high-quality cast-iron pan
  3. Preheat the pan for at least 10-15 minutes

If using a shallow parabola, you will need a larger unit or a more conductive pan. The pan would need to be made of aluminum, copper or silver (yes, silver cookware is a thing, but not something I’d recommend for off-grid cooking).

Solar cooking recipe: Simple, Successful Solar Steak


1 steak up to 2cm (1inch) thick (eg. backstrap or ribeye)
your preferred choice of dry spices
butter or oil


Step 1. Set up your deep parabolic solar and preheat your cast-iron pan for at least 10-15 minutes, but no more than 30 minutes.

Step 2. Add any spices to your meat.

Step 3. Add butter or oil to your pan. Butter will start sizzling immediately.

Step 4. Add your steak and allow it to cook for 3-5 minutes. It should sizzle and the surface should brown. Do not move the pan during this time.

Step 5. Flip the steak and allow it to cook for another 3-5 minutes. If you want your steak to be cooked more thoroughly, leave it in the pan for longer or flip another 1-2 times.

Step 6. Serve your steak with your favorite sides and enjoy!

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