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Hello there! I’m Sara and this is the companion site to my off-grid cooking show. Here you will find articles, reviews, recipes and other information that accompanies the series. Learn how to cook amazing food no matter where life takes you!

Your food doesn’t care what fuel you use – what matters is how you cook it!

There is a persistent myth that you can’t cook good food without electricity, gas or charcoal. In reality the cooking outcome depends on factors like temperature, pH, humidity, air flow, flavourings and technique. Once you learn the basics you can cook truly amazing food regardless of whether you are in a comfortable city suburb or completely off the grid.

These 5 rules are the key to upping your off-grid cooking game

I like to keep it simple, so here are the five main rules to follow when cooking off-grid.

  1. Cook fuel-free whenever possible (especially on hot, sunny days)
  2. When using fuel/power, get the most bang for your fuel/power buck
  3. It’s ok to skip the heat – cold meals can be awesome, too!
  4. Dare to spice things up every once in a while
  5. Reduce your effort and make time for the good things in life

Cook fuel-free whenever possible (especially on hot, sunny days)

Stay cool on hot days by cooking fuel free

Avoiding fuel-based cooking methods saves money and resources while keeping you comfortable on hot days. They ensure your resources last longer and you can stay off-grid or just enjoy your spare time for longer. Furthermore, fuel-free and passive cooking methods often take care of themselves, freeing up your time for other things. They can also give your food a significant flavor boost.

Get the most bang for your fuel/power buck

A cooking thermos. Makes delicious slow-cooked meals and saves up to 80% of your power/fuel.

Fuel and power cost money and resources. They also demand your time and attention while in use. To get the most out of it, you will need to cook efficiently. This can be done with efficient cooking vessels or an efficient stove/oven. On this site we’ll look at both.

Some popular cooking methods that help you get the most out of your fuel/power include:

  • Pressure cooking – uses pressure to shorten cooking time
  • Thermal cooking – uses residual heat to cook passively
  • Increased efficiency stoves (eg. rocket stoves)

It’s ok to skip the heat – cold meals can be awesome, too!

A delicious snack of fresh peas

By “cold”, I mean meals made with ingredients that don’t have to be cooked or heated to be delicious. Some things that might come to mind are packaged cereal and milk, fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches. Good ingredients for cold meals also include things like leftovers, sourdough bread, preserves and various types of cured and fermented foods.

dare to SPICE Things up every once in a while

With the right spices, any meal can be exciting

Good meals taste great, set the mood, awaken pleasant memories and create new ones. It’s no fun to eat boring food. Fortunately, great flavor can often be achieved through simple techniques. There is rarely any need to overcomplicate anything.

Reduce your effort and make time for the good things in life

Relax. You got this.

Once we have a way to comfortably make great-tasting food, the next step is to make things easy for ourselves.

Techniques for reducing effort include:

  • Planning
  • Flavour matching
  • Improvisations

You really can cook amazing food off-grid – it doesn’t have to be hard!

These five rules are just the beginning, but they do make it easier to succeed. This website will help you get there. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment in London or a yurt in Alaska. You can cook amazing food anywhere.

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